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Employee potential.

Mobile training and onboarding

that makes an impact.

We make onboarding and continuous training efficient and rewarding for employees.


Training Content 

You know your business best. Our content services make your know-how accessible, engaging and actionable for your employees.

Mobile-First Skill Building

Deliver continuous training while connecting employees around the world. Unleesh is mobile, social and gamified to keep users engaged.

Data Analytics to Drive Growth

Collecting information is built into our platform. Identify operational efficiencies and ensure employees know what they need to just-in-time.


Solving the skills gap

Unleesh provides software and services to hospitality and retail companies with high turnover. 

Unleesh allows you to:

  1. Deliver training continuously instead of in scheduled programs 

  2. Replace physical training centers and programs, reducing costs

  3. Transfer and sustain institutional knowledge by breaking down training content into bite-sized information workers can digest on the go

  4. Deepen learning by going beyond one-way learning (videos) to engage employees through collaboration and social media connection 

  5. Reach employees in any location, saving training costs

  6. Repurpose skill sets for new roles in the workplace

  7. Provide important data collection for employers to learn what’s working and what’s not in their training

  8. Improve not only vocational skills, but real skills in judgement, problem solving, interpersonal relations, and critical thinking

  9. Challenge bored workers

  10. Allow employees to control their own development pace and focus

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