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Work & Travel, Professional Enterprise, Fellowships, Internships, Event Staffing

CIEE came to Unleesh to improve the onboarding and training experience for 20,000 Work & Travel participants to ensure J-1 Visa Compliance. Over the years, they have brought Unleesh to the entire enterprise, empowering thousands of additional users through training programs. CIEE had this to say about Unleesh: "With [Unleesh’s] user friendly interface, we were able to achieve near-100% completion rates and we felt much more confident in the data than with our previous system. Having now experienced its effectiveness and ease of use, we are looking to expand into additional optional training modules with a focus on intercultural competencies."

Higher Education

USC approached Unleesh to support their social innovation design course. 60 students used the platform to share their projects and reflections throughout the immersive learning experience which included hundreds of customer interviews, rigorous product and service iteration, cross-cultural understanding across diverse customer segments, and soft-skill building. One students remarked after using Unleesh, "It was interesting to see everyone else's work and what they had done to see their perspective. It made me look at problems differently."

Study Abroad Onboarding

World Learning/SIT came to Unleesh to create a better system to verify that students were prepared to go abroad. They were looking for a system where they could track, at scale, individual student engagement with their predeparture content. They wanted a system where they could easily customize that content for every program. World Learning also wanted a platform that integrated with Salesforce, which they currently use as their Customer Relationship Management system. Unleesh's Salesforce Package enabled a seamless integration with their system.

International Internship Experiences

The highly regarded Ambassador Corps program is the community’s social enterprise internship program. MIIS Ambassador Corps facilitators were looking for a mobile tool that could create a living portfolio and help foster community for their students, some separated by thousands of miles. The Ambassador Corps Paths included predeparture materials, in-country experiential assignments, soft skill exercises and reflection prompts. Ambassador Corps directors used Unleesh’s forum function to post weekly video messages from the director of the school’s Center for Social Impact Learning. Students used the platform to capture and share their experiences in text, photo and video from different places including Rwanda, Cuba, Nepal and Peru.

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