How Companies and Universities Use Unleesh


On this page, you can find the various ways our clients are utilizing Unleesh to nurture knowledge, skills, and community. Each post highlights a different company or organization, and provides a detailed explanation of how they harness the versatility of Unleesh to cater to their users.   The page will be updated frequently to reflect our growing clientele. 

O2X Fitness Training


O2X is an active lifestyle company started by four close friends who are race enthusiasts, military veterans, former collegiate athletes and non-profit board members. O2X’s objective is to increase the longevity and productivity of everyday athletes and outdoor-enthusiasts during physical exertion. This requires optimal training programs that focus on periodization of quality training sessions, and O2X is delivering its expertly designed training programs via Unleesh. Through the app, O2X will help you intelligently train to increase your VO2 max - your maximum oxygen consumption – and consistently perform at your highest potential.


There are currently four O2X Paths in the Unleesh Path Store: Welcome to O2X, and the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Training Program Paths. The Welcome Path provides users with the tools to calculate their heart rate and VO2 max, and use this information to discover the level at which they should be training.  Once users pick their Path, they are supported in their training by the Actions they complete every day. Actions help them keep track of their sleep, soreness, appetite, and more.  Using Unleesh, O2X is able to deliver daily workouts to their customers, and even provide clear instructions through photos accompanying each exercise in the workout.


The O2X-Unleesh partnership illustrates that, with the right tool, experiential learning can be high impact for not only the mind, but for the body as well. 

Guilford College Engagement Abroad


Guilford College has teamed up with Unleesh to deliver the curriculum for their for-credit “Engagement Abroad 101” course to their students abroad.  Guilford has two Paths on Unleesh—one for their program in Italy one for their program in Germany—both of which include optional and required Actions for their students to complete while abroad.  Students are prompted to immerse themselves in the culture through Actions that ask them to do everything from submitting a selfie with the owner of a local pizzeria, to reflecting on a new discovery they’ve made in their host country.   


Guilford College has embraced the “gamification” that Unleesh brings to experiential education by offering a prize to the student who completes the most Actions and earns the highest number of points.  (This engagement-extraordinaire wins an iPad mini!)


By melding fun, valuable experiences with compulsory assignments, Guilford uses Unleesh to help students optimize their time abroad. 

Young Americans - Encouraging Entrepreneurship


Young Americans Center for Financial Education encourages youth entrepreneurship with classes, a toolkit, a marketplace, a business competition, and now, through Unleesh! Young Americans utilizes the structure of Unleesh to break the daunting task of conceptualizing and actualizing your own business down into digestible and achievable tasks. 


Future-business leaders use Unleesh to learn about everything from marketing strategies, to the characteristics of a good entrepreneur, to pricing schemes.  If users are struggling to find new ideas, they can get inspired by their peers’ answers or present their challenges to the larger community. 


Through Unleesh’s built-in point system, Actions in the Young Americans Path become available to users as they are ready for them, ensuring that they are building on a solid foundation of knowledge gained through practice and experience.


The partnership between Young Americans and Unleesh exemplifies the transformative power of the app, as well as its ability to make complex information understandable and accessible. 

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