What is Unleesh?

Unleesh is a web app that enables hallway conversations and natural networking at virtual conferences and training events.


While consuming content, attendees can:

  • build connections

  • gain perspectives

  • participate together


...and continue engagement beyond your programming!

Getting Started

Sign in/Register

If you already have an account, this is where you enter your account email address and password. If you are just starting out, tap the Sign Up button on the bottom of the screen. We will ask you for an email address and password to use as login credentials. Make sure you use the same email address where you received your Unleesh email invite. 


You can login using Facebook as well if your email registered with Facebook is the same as where you received your Unleesh email invite.

A Path is a team's space on the Unleesh platform. A Path could belong to a sales team, a transition committee or an executive board. Every team deserves a Path!


If this is your first time on Unleesh, simply visit the Path Store to see Paths available to you. Only Paths you have been invited to or that are public will be displayed.

Start your Path

See your Path

Your path’s home screen is where you can access all the Steps created by your manager. You can also access your Path’s Chat and Recent Activity screens from here.

Take your first Step

Paths are made up of Steps. Steps are made up of two distinct pieces. The first section is information your manager is sharing with you. This can include text, video or pdfs.  The second section, called “Take Action”, is a prompt asking for your feedback in different ways.

Add stuff

Depending on the feedback that is needed from you, your manager will ask you to submit responses in various ways including photo, video, audio, text, multiple choice, and more. When you are ready to submit your response make sure to select “Public.” Otherwise, no one but you can see your submission.


Once you have added your submission, you can view and comment on other submissions

Come back often

The next time you login to Unleesh you will be taken directly to the Current Path screen, which displays the next three steps to be take on your Path. If you belong to more than one Path you can tap on All Paths and access all of your Paths. On the All Paths screen “pull down” to refresh all content on all Paths. 



Tap on the menu in the upper left hand corner. From here you can access all of the main sections of the app.  


Click on the settings icon in the top right corner of the menu to edit your profile and see Terms of Use and the app’s Privacy Policy.


On the Pathmates screen you can see and filter all the other users who share Paths with you on Unleesh. Click on a Pathmate and visit their Profile screen.


Profiles show a Path member’s contributions and activity.  You can only view a profile of someone who shares a Path with you and vice versa. From this screen you can message a user and “favorite” them by tapping on the star in the right corner. If you favorite a user they will appear on top in the Pathmates screen. 

The Pathmail section is where users on a Path can send out individual or group messages to their Pathmates. This feature is seriously cool.



The Events section allows you to view events you have been invited to or create your own. The Events section allows users to RSVP, check in and leave messages regarding the event.


The Chat section of the Path is where a user can comment and strike up a discussion, ask questions, answer questions or just say hi to all of their Pathmates!

Recent Activity

Recent Activity is where you can see how others are progressing along the same Path. Here you can scroll through, view and comment on other people’s submissions through each Step.


In the Points section you can see how many points you have completed on each Path you belong to.

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