Unleesh offers companies, universities and organizations a platform to deliver, capture and connect any learning content that utilizes real world experience. See examples here.

What does this tool do for you?

Unleesh is a content platform that transforms learning into a dynamic, interactive process.

Show, don't tell 

Unleesh captures artifacts of what the user is doing throughout the learning process, “showing” what they know and what they have worked on, rather than “telling” what they know.


Take materials mobile 

Transform curriculum into exciting learning paths for broader use and experiential application.


Social learning that's more engaging

A learning path enables users to be mentored, to receive feedback, and to find examples for how they might solve problems.

Create "Pathfolios"

The platform organizes submitted artifacts in a way that makes a user’s work on a Path a shareable ePortfolio. Completed Paths can be shared with professors, employers, and admissions offices or the interested public (coming soon!).


Market yourself or your content 

As more experiential learning programs become available on the platform – travel, internships, training workshops – the more users will be searching for paths, allowing you to sell content in the Path Store or marketplace directly to engaged consumers.



Create mobile learning Paths with your own content

We can turn your existing learning content into an interactive path that takes the users through Steps and Actions on the way to their goal. Any programs, workshops, trainings and experiences can be adapted.

Identify your learning goals

What do you want to teach your employees, students, customers, or community through experiences? 


Build a Path

Modify your existing content or create new content to bring experiential education to life through a Path on Unleesh.

Reach full potential

Users will complete paths, sharing ideas and feedback, completing actions, and ultimately, learning and growing like never before.

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