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with fewer emails and conference calls

Inform and coach your team - and find out what's really going on in the field.

Start closing more deals with Unleesh!

Get your team started today with

ZERO training


Give your reps the right information - anytime, anywhere

Instantly collect insights and feedback in an organized and interactive way


Create a one-click destination for information that is easily referenced. 


Provide your team access to the updated information you need them to know - on-the-go.



Share ideas and develop best practices with the people who are working directly with customers


Collect market insights from the people who are working directly with customers. 


Ensure that your reps are selling the way you would.

Enter Unleesh.

A sales manager's platform to inform, train, coach and update their teams, while collecting feedback in real time. 


No emails or conference calls necessary.




Automatically track and store critical updates, training materials and best practices. Simple so it’s useful (ZERO clutter).

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you have explained the latest updates, priorities and methods. Lead your team in no time.

Verify alignment among employees through submissions. Collect feedback while inviting your team to engage each other.

Zero training required to get started!

Now problems, confusion and opportunities can surface and then be addressed

See how Unleesh can help you manage your sales team

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