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Welcome to Unleesh

If we are being truthful, online training and learning is rarely equated to genuine talent development.

Most current learning technology suffers from a “check the box” mentality and is merely a regurgitation of really bad videos, multiple choice quizzes and poorly produced one-size-fits-all motivation tips. Instead of empowering employees, training exercises often lead to boredom and frustration.


If you’re anything like me, you learn from experiences that are real. You are motivated by peers and inspired by useful ideas spawned in the workplace.

That’s why we created Unleesh: to provide the world simple and powerful tools for people to learn from each other.

At Unleesh we are motivated by the belief that everyone is capable of learning through experiences. As a result, we are a little obsessed with creating fun, easy mobile solutions that make any training process actually beneficial and rewarding.

Our app is simple. No confusing twists and turns. Just straight to the point: encouraging you to take the next step in your learning journey.

We have built Unleesh to present your company’s vision and content to employees in a meaningful way.

We are here to solve a very specific problem: To help teach and empower your employees for the benefit of your company.

Your training materials, your ideas, your content. Now mobile.

Welcome to the world of Unleesh!

Saul Garlick

Founder & CEO

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