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Explaining something new

It’s like Facebook meets Learning Management Systems but only mobile.

It’s like Evernote with your content.

It’s a mobile app that captures and shares your training programs… It’s an experiential learning mobile app… It’s mobile, social and fun!

Okay, these are the myriad ways that I have explained Unleesh. It feels like there’s no quick way to explaining something that hasn’t be done before.

Launching a new company is a challenge, but what I find most challenging (and in a weird way, equally gratifying) is that my work is different, new, and almost impossible to explain in a few words.

What is Unleesh?

It’s the natural question I get whenever I say, “I just founded a new tech startup called Unleesh”.

Then the conversation goes north or south. It depends if I’m in an experimenting mood. The typical answer I give is that it’s a mobile app for people to learn from each other. Other times I try to get adventurous. When I do that, the wheels often come off the wagon - or at least, get pretty wobbly.

You want to find a description that is not too revealing (don’t throw the whole kitchen sink at people, rather “drip” information out to keep them hooked). You also want to explain yourself in a way that is simple and sticky (strongly recommend “Made to Stick” for understanding this concept).

Testing new language for your product in the real world is extremely important. Often at the office we can get lost in conversations about the right words to use that precisely captures exactly what we do. But it’s a moving target. What we are building is evolving too.

So for now I like to say that it’s a mobile app for people to learn from each other. Companies can put their own content into a mobile ecosystem and employees or customers can submit learning activities through audio, video, photo or text.

Want to know more? Just ask.

Saul Garlick

Founder & CEO

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