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Did millennials get NBA coach fired?

The Denver Nuggets have been the subject of some water cooler talk here at Unleesh World Headquarters in beautiful Denver, Colorado.

Nuggets Head Coach Brian Shaw was fired Tuesday, March, 3, after seemingly losing control of his team.

While most of the pundits on ESPN and talk radio agree that Shaw is a great basketball mind, the 48-year-old never seemed to connect with his young team, which sources claim he believed lacked maturity and professionalism.

It’s been well documented that he tried gaining control, from “reading some books on how to relate to millennials” to banning text messaging in the locker room. But, to many observers, the team just quit on Shaw.

One Denver newspaper columnist called Shaw an “old soul,” and said that his 1990’s mindset wasn’t working with millennials.

Of course, it’s dangerous to pin the Nuggets horrendous season on Shaw’s inability to connect with his roster of millennial players. The truth just might be this is a team with a lack of talent, haunted by bad front office management.

Regardless, it’s a cautionary tale for any managers who have a cast of millennials to help push their business forward. Your team, regardless of age, will be the key to your success or failure.

You can embrace Generation Y’s tech-savvy ways and encourage them to be self-expressive. Or you can try and force them to do things the old-school way. Maybe it will work out for you.

Your choice.

Travis Henry

Chief Product & Content Officer

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