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What do you wish?

What do you wish your stakeholders were doing?

Whether those stakeholders are employees, customers, students, or members of your organization, I would bet there is something you wish they were doing to improve their capacity or their engagement with the value you provide them every day.

I believe that to unlock people to do more, they need three things — all of which center around learning:

1. good ideas delivered in a format the user will understand and appreciate

2. experiences that make learning sticky

3. community where learning is shared and collaboration is nurtured

That is why I founded Unleesh, a mobile experiential learning app. We help you deliver your learning, training or brand-related content to your target audience through bite-size chunks. Now you can prompt individuals to do something in the real world, share ideas, collaborate and move forward to drive better results to your bottom line.

Unleesh is a platform that empowers you to elevate what’s possible. Every organization can benefit from deeper engagement, improved communication, and continued learning. Unleesh exists for that purpose.

Saul Garlick

Founder & CEO

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