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What is a Path?

Unleesh at its core is a team management tool that gets teams on the same page.

If you have ever been on a team in any business environment you know that is no easy task.

Essential to the Unleesh platform is a Path. A Path could belong to a sales team, a transition committee or an executive board and creates structure, direction and accountability in seconds.

How does a Path do that?

A Path is a company-branded team space that delivers content and allows team members to engage with managers and each other. Team members access the Path with a login associated to their email. Only team members and managers can see the Path and its content.

Travis_What is a Path_June 30.png

A Path is made up of Lessons, Steps and Actions.

Lessons break Paths up into different sections, are created and administered by managers, and are usually focused around one subject. Each Lesson is made up of Steps. Examples of different Lessons in a Path might be “Announcements”, “Sales Strategies”, and “Internal Policies.”

Travis_What is a Path_Lessons_June 30.png

Steps are the smallest, and most important, unit of Paths in Unleesh. Steps deliver small, manageable pieces of information and ask team members to engage with the information by sharing feedback in various ways depending on the input desired from the manager.

Travis_What is a Path_Steps_June 30.png

Actions are the submissions team members make to complete a Step based on the input asked from managers. Actions can be made several different ways, including multiple choice response, text, photos, audio, acknowledgment buttons and video.

Travis_What is a Path_Actions_June 30.png

Team members can search and see how other team members on the Path are tackling problems and learn insights and best practices.

Travis_What is a Path_Pathmates_June 30.png

In addition team members can send private messages to each other, create private small group messages, create Path specific events and tons more that we will detail on this page in the weeks to come.

Travis_What is a Path_Pathmail_June 30.png

Path Managers have full control of the Path, its contents and who is on the Path through our Path Managers Tool.

Travis_What is a Path_Backend_June 30.png

The best part of Unleesh is that all of these features are available to your team right now. For free.

All you have to do is Sign Up.


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