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An Unleesh Deep Dive

Unleesh starts with an app. But it ends with getting everyone on the same page. How we get there is a series of ideas that make up who we are and what drives us. I’d like to share some of those with you.

  • We are working on building a product so valuable it will sell itself by helping every team that uses it become more effective in what they do.

  • At Unleesh we define teams as: staff, partners, communities, groups, clubs, associations, classes, programs, organizations, sports teams, investment groups, boards… You get the idea.

  • Built into our DNA is impact. We care about people achieving their potential in whatever team they are part of, and managers having the tools to get them there. Non-profit boards are a specific segment where we can help change the world, so we will give them free licenses for up to 25 users and content support.

  • Value = Benefits – Price: Benefit is project management + team communication + intranet site all in one. The App provides teams Structure, Direction and Accountability through managers. It also provides managers feedback and insight through users.

  • Possible uses of the Unleesh platform are infinite, including any situation where you’d want to push out information, training, coaching and updates while collecting feedback and verification of information received.

  • The app is designed for the general population, not the techie. That means we build tools that will engage users on 90% of the functions rather than 10%. Not feature heavy. Value heavy.

  • The structure of Paths is always being honed and refined to ensure the best possible experience: If the app is not helping managers inform, train, coach or update their teams, then it is not useful. If users are not able to easily engage each other and the content, it is not verifiable. If both are happening, there is structured team management.

  • Our sales is about creatively enhancing what people are doing in a way that is indispensible. We are interested in providing “need to have” products, not “nice to have.”

I’ll expand on these ideas over the next few months, but really wanted to start with these thoughts and what is currently driving the amazing growth we are experiencing.

We would love to have you along for the ride.

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