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Unleesh is a platform that allows managers to inform, train, coach and update their teams, while collecting feedback in real time.

It’s this feedback loop that really makes Unleesh special.

While there are many solutions out there that allow managers to talk at people, there are very few that give employees an opportunity to demonstrate understanding or have meaningful input on policies, projects – you name it.

On Unleesh, members of a team can communicate with each other many different ways on a Path, sending messages and sharing files in groups or privately in robust ways. But it’s the Actions that really stand out.

Actions are the submissions team members make to complete a Step based on the input asked from managers. Actions can be made several different ways, including multiple choice response, text, photos, audio, acknowledgment buttons and video.

When creating a Step, managers can assign effortlessly what kind of action they want members to take. The possibilities on how to utilize Actions are endless.

Types of Actions


If a manager chooses to allow team members to upload “files” in response to a Step, team members can upload or create new: photos, videos, audio and text. Managers can limit responses on a Step to just one type of file, or allow for all types.


When a manager has finite choices they want team members to choose from they can create “buttons” that asks team members to choose from a defined choice set. This can be used as a one-click acknowledgment or as a multiple choice option to gauge consensus or learning.

Text Field or “Forms”

Text fields allow team members to input text in a box that is labeled by the manager. This allows managers to create pre-defined boxes for specific questions.

Once a team members completes an action it is displayed in the Step and in Recent Activity feeds on the user’s profile and in the Path. Managers and team members can respond to the submission with their own text or files, creating a collaboration space on each Step.

Unleesh is a business application rooted in the Experiential Learning Model that states that for learners to gain knowledge:

  • The learner must be willing to be actively involved in the experience;

  • The learner must be able to reflect on the experience;

  • The learner must possess and use analytical skills to conceptualize the experience; and

  • The learner must possess decision-making and problem-solving skills in order to use the new ideas gained from the experience.

We believe this philosophy translates perfect to the business world, whether it be new company policies or collaboration on a new project.

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