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Three easy ways to learn what your sales teams know

Earlier this week we stated the obvious: Companies would do well to know what their teams in the field actually know.

For this blog post, I am being very literal.

In a future blog post, we will address management actually learning from their sales teams (which is also pretty important). But today let’s focus on determining if a sales team is even receiving information being disseminated by a manager, AND, if that information is being understood.

Current methods at relaying important sales strategies, product shifts and promotions rely heavily on email and conference calls. For managers of a large team, knowing who read what, who understands what and if the information is being utilized is next to impossible. You might as well be using smoke signals.

Welcome to 2015. Companies who create Paths with Unleesh can easily begin knowing what their sales teams’ know in minutes. No emails or conference calls needed.

Here’s how:

1. Trust, but verify. All members on a Path in Unleesh are directed to “Take Action” on Steps. Steps are the smallest and, most important, unit of Paths in Unleesh. Steps deliver manageable pieces of information and ask team members to engage with the information by sharing feedback in various ways depending on the input desired from the manager. Required Feedback can be simple, such as a “button” indicating something was read. Unleesh allows managers to create these steps and requirements almost effortlessly.

2. Gather evidence. While creating Steps and Take Actions is as simple (or simpler) as creating a word document, the artifacts collected can be highly valuable and informative. A manager can request something as involved as requiring a video or photo verifying that sales displays are set up accurately according to new specs. The app allows team members in the field to do this with little hassle and only needing to know how to use a smart phone.

3. Unclutter. Free up the inbox and quit searching for emails. Unleesh easily organizes Steps in the hierarchy of a manager’s choosing and associates actions with Steps. The app makes it easy to find out what actions have been taken on what pieces of information and the results of those actions.

Ready to explore Unleesh and stop sending smoke signals? Get a Path today. Right now. FOR FREE.

You’re welcome.

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