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Get inside the minds of your customers

The ultimate superpower for any sales organization would be the ability to read customers' minds.

Solving problems, making more money, and growing business every day would be easier and faster knowing eactly what customers think.

Reading customers' minds is not only helpful to answer questions companies have about their own product, it would also reveal things they never thought to ask.

In other words, people don’t know what they don’t know. The thought is actually invigorating.

Gaining better insights about customers systematically every day impacts the bottom line. Period.

There is no other way to more effectively meet customer needs then starting with good information.

There are countless ways to actually collect this feedback.

One article in Inc. recommends empowering customer facing employees, which we think is a fantastic idea. The article, however, advocates for appointing an individual who provides feedback and shares insights. This simply will not suffice.

The solution is in empowering ALL of your customer-facing employees. Businesses need the feedback to be coming in steadily from a diverse array of perspectives. No single experience should overweight the feedback loop.

You don’t want a lopsided loop!

Companies should burture systems to allow employees to provide feedback from the field daily. Make the process easy.

Get a window into what customers really think. That effort will go directly to the bottom line.

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