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Capture customer insights in four easy ways

In our last blog post we talked about what it would be like if sales teams could read customers’ minds.

While we may not be able to transform sales associates into mind readers, Unleesh does provide associates the ability to easily capture customer feedback from the field and instantly disperse it to everyone else in their organization.

Here are some ways we do it:

  • Real-time feedback. The Unleesh platform empowers sales associates on the frontline to instantly report a customer's request or reaction to the team. The feedback can be shared across geographies and instantly reacted upon by other associates in the field.

  • Video capture. Associates who organize or find themselves with an impromptu focus group of one or many can videotape current or potential customers with their smartphone and instantly share with their sales team with no setup.

  • Customer Paths. Sales teams can set up customer specific Paths that allow customers to leave their own feedback using their smartphone that is instantly organized and delivered to the sales team through the platform.

  • Share data, not clutter. Sales teams can virtually eliminate email, conference calls and meeting requests by creating an Unleesh Path. Unleesh creates a structured space that allows team members to easily find, access and react to updated information shared with the team.

Within minutes a sales manager can set up an Unleesh Path that gives them powerful tools to start equipping team members with the right information while eliminating email and conference calls.

Find out how easy it is to get your team on Unleesh. Get a Path today. Right now. FOR FREE.

And start finding out what your customers think.

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