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International Education Weekly No. 9

The latest and greatest news, tips and updates in International Education.

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Yesterday I signed up for Snapchat. If last week's Weekly had been on Snapchat, my (accidental) statement that "American Indians" had won the spelling bee would have disappeared by now. But I didn't post it there, so the error will be captured for all eternity. For the record, I do know the difference between Indian Americans and American Indians, though I am sure I have never really used the term American Indian. I prefer to say Native American instead. Alas, it's done. And It wasn't on Snapchat.

Enjoy today’s (hopefully) error free Weekly!

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Reach Students

Are you on Snapchat? Your University is. There has been much emphasis on empathy in the social impact world lately. What if you could actually see through someone else's eyes? Well universities and their students are making that nearly possible by sharing the college experience through Snapchat, according to this article on NBC. University students aren't alone. Twitter has been overtaken in user numbers by Snapchat (expect to begin seeing a little ghost logo everywhere you look) and entrepreneurs and marketers are all over it, featuring ways to build your audience.

Make Life Easier

Grocery Store - Online? Look, I thought it had nothing to do with international education either, but you never know where our culture is heading and you might save some time if you read this article. In this piece, Tough Nickel provides a side-by-side comparison of the benefits and pitfalls of buying your groceries online, which is a huge thing these days. Do your inbound students know about it? Should they? Ah, the questions.

Professional development

You matter, seriously When was the last time someone suggested an idea at the office that you thought: "Gah! I had that idea. Now they look smart and I'm just over here like a log." Maybe you don't think that you're a dead piece of wood, but it's likely you've held back when you shouldn't have - or at least, didn't need to. It might be time to take your views on the world and your work more seriously. Seriously. Those who lean in, stand up, vocalize their thoughts and put it out there (to overuse some overused phrases) may actually make you happier, or at least, heard. Learn more at Medium.

Featured Infographic

Russia's steady decline? Here's an interesting infographic that I just had to share. Take a deep dive into the world of international education in Russia. What is the market there telling us about programs? There are some curious trends: The youth population is shrinking; wages are going up (in Rubles) but the exchange rate for the Ruble isn't looking pretty; and, higher ed numbers are dropping including absolute student numbers and the number of institutions. I want a graphic like this for every country in the world! Check it out from The Pie.

Featured Program

Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST)

DSST Public Schools (DSST) operates open enrollment STEM charter schools and is part of the Denver Public Schools (DPS) system. At full enrollment in 2025, DSST will serve 10,500 Denver students at 11 campuses. Two of these campuses will offer a unique humanities and social studies focus. Learn more here.

About Unleesh

Unleesh is the world’s premier international education app and platform, designed with experiential education principles in its DNA. Unleesh was born out of ThinkImpact, which specializes in experiential education programs that catalyze social innovation and entrepreneurship. The platform was created to provide predeparture information and immerse and guide students through an experiential education process while capturing the amazing adventures they were having all over the world. Learn more at

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