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International Education Weekly No. 11

The latest and greatest news, tips and updates in International Education.

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Huge impact opportunity: More Than Me (MTM) is working with the Liberia Ministry of Education as a School Operating Partner beginning this fall. In this role, MTM will implement its (S)HE Matters Strategy, a scalable model that provides for safety, health, education and monitoring at public schools across Liberia. MTM is seeking subject matter experts to help build this incredible intervention to transform a nation's education system. We anticipate operating 6-9 schools in the 2016-17 academic year. Learn more at

Reach Students

Typography is a good start Ever wonder what students will look at these days? What catches their eye? Well let me tell you, it's not your old serif font, that's for sure. Okay, I don't know if that's true, but I do know that the way things look matters. You can't do ugly anymore. Not in an Apple world. Want to know what changed Steve Jobs' life...? Typography. It may just change more too. Learn all about it from an (obviously) beautiful info graphic by The Logo Company.

Make Life Easier

7 ways to automate Growing up it was all about robots. Having a robot to clean my room was really the best thing that could happen, period. Things have changed slightly and today we want software automation. Here are seven interesting ways you probably have never thought about automating your life. Thanks to Fast Company for this one.

Professional development

Talk your way to impact Sometimes talk isn't just, well, talk. If you know a foreign language you may be in a position to really make a difference in someone's life. Google offers ways for you to reach refugees and your abilities might make it easier to support underserved students or even just volunteer more effectively (which may help your career, too!). Learn more from American Councils.

Featured Infographic

Russia's steady decline? Equity vs. Equality Ever notice people talk about equality and equity like they mean the same thing. Yeah, me too. It's a good thing the Interaction Institute created this graphic to resolve any questions. Which makes me think, I wonder what the inequality boxes look like? We have lots of work to do!

Featured Client


Sending money abroad for international programs? Tempus is a leading provider of foreign exchange and international payment services to corporations throughout the United States. Learn more at

About Unleesh

Unleesh is the world’s premier international education app and platform, designed with experiential education principles in its DNA. Unleesh was born out of ThinkImpact, which specializes in experiential education programs that catalyze social innovation and entrepreneurship. The platform was created to provide predeparture information and immerse and guide students through an experiential education process while capturing the amazing adventures they were having all over the world. Learn more at

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