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International Education Weekly No. 12

The latest and greatest news, tips and updates in International Education.

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Today I head down to ISTE 2016 at the Denver Convention Center to learn about the latest in technology in education. Amazon made a big announcement on that front (see below). Also, I’m excited to share a blog on learning through life’s journey (think social enterprise + international education) found on ThinkImpact’s blog. Oh, and friendly reminder for people in education and health, apply here to help transform education in Liberia, really.

Make Life Easier

Goliath has arrived Many startups are probably shaking in their boots today with the announcement of Amazon’s new FREE service for teachers. "Rohit Agarwal, general manager of Amazon K-12 Education, said the new site was intended to make it easier and faster for teachers to pinpoint timely and relevant free resources for their classrooms.” Learn more at The New York Times.

Professional Development

Next Big Thing We’ve been talking about continuous learning for a while - and how that can impact long term outcomes. When I saw this piece by my friend Dara Barlin on continuous improvement, I thought she hit it out of the park. I particularly love the shift from assuming success to testing solutions (much more iterative) and from dogma to empathy (listen to learn, people!). Learn more at LinkedIn.

Reach students

Coping Skills If you work with college students you know they are busy. Too busy to read the pre-departure packet you are so proud of. Too busy to read the article about the country they will be visiting. Too busy to check an email. This graphic from College Humor explains why :)

Featured Client

Girls For A Change

Girls For A Change believes that each girl, through active and positive intervention and support in their communities, can at an early and critical age build the skills, confidence, economic independence and collaborative spirit necessary to be the future leader and change agent of a sustainable, just world. They are raising $50,000 on Go Fund Me right now. Go fund them here or learn more at their website.

Unleesh is the world’s premier international education app and platform, designed with experiential education principles in its DNA. Unleesh was born out of ThinkImpact, which specializes in experiential education programs that catalyze social innovation and entrepreneurship. The platform was created to provide predeparture information and immerse and guide students through an experiential education process while capturing the amazing adventures they were having all over the world. Learn more at

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