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International Education Weekly No. 13

The latest and greatest news, tips and updates in International Education.

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Happy day after Independence Day! It was yesterday, 190 years ago, that both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died. They went from besties to enemies, and along the way, helped build a nation. Read their wikis (John and Thomas) if you want proof they died on the same day. In addition to covering their deathdate, I am excited to share the following stories on podcasts you should know about, transportation you can access, and more. As always, your feedback and questions are welcome.

Make Life Easier

Transit to work It's like HopStop meets Zillow meets Tinder meets Zenefits. Okay, I got a bit carried away. But now Trulia, a visual database of all houses and rentals available in a given area, offers a "Rent near Transit" feature that will either make your life easier or your student's apartment shopping easier. Strong recommend from Lifehacker. And if you want to improve your workspace when you actually arrive (yeah, work follows the fun subway ride) you you'll want to check out these office ideas from Small Biz Trends. They are better than you think.

Professional Development

Definitive leadership chart A picture is worth 1,000 words. Leadership has been the subject of so many books and article, you might say this chart from the Australian Leadership Foundation is worth a 100 million words. Take a look and find yourself on the chart. Then talk about it at work. Own the pros and cons. Then be your best self. Oh wow, just like that, I started writing some words about the chart, totally unwittingly. Have fun.

Reach students

Podcasts are still big The year has seen its share of brilliant podcasts, from RadioLab to Embedded, and there's nothing better than someone telling you which to listen to from the series. You might just find out what's hot and what's not in the list of top 10 episodes this year from IndieWire. Perhaps you want to just find a good series to stick with.. you can find eight here at Cup Of Jo.

Featured Story

Refugee Olympians Sometimes I read an article and think, "Of course that's a problem!" and then I think, "thankfully someone is thinking out there." Refugees are born with the same innate talents as you and me (and in the case of the athletes in this piece, certainly a lot more than me), but they don't have a country to represent in the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee has now paved the way for the first refugee team to participate, with 10 members from Syria, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Ethiopia. They will represent the 63.5 million refugees on earth today. Read more at Foreign Policy.

Featured Client

International Honors Program

International Honors Programs (IHP) begin in the US and spend one month in each of three other countries, on three continents, each semester, giving you a comparative look at a critical global issue. These programs emphasize the multidisciplinary analysis of issues and integrates experience-based learning throughout the semester, culminating in a comparative research project on a topic of your own choosing. Learn more at their website.

Unleesh is the world’s premier international education app and platform, designed with experiential education principles in its DNA. Unleesh was born out of ThinkImpact, which specializes in experiential education programs that catalyze social innovation and entrepreneurship. The platform was created to provide predeparture information and immerse and guide students through an experiential education process while capturing the amazing adventures they were having all over the world. Learn more at

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