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International Education Weekly No. 15

The latest and greatest news, tips and updates in International Education.

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It's the middle of summer and if you are anything like me, you are wondering where the time went. Have I spent enough time at the pool? Have I been working too hard (or hard enough)? Well, in the spirit of there being a wide array of questions that come to mind, I bring you a few answers and some new questions in this International Education Weekly.

Make Life Easier

The Domino Effect

When you adopt a habit, you may think you are doing one thing differently, but you are really changing a set of behaviors. That's what James Clear shares in his recent post on habits. Tomorrow go ahead and make your bed, you might pick up your socks, clear out the sink and put the pig on the countertop, yes, that isn't a typo. Read more at

Professional Development

Education Research It's July which means you are eagerly anticipating a full summary on the latest in monitoring and evaluation in the education space. It's good to know what we are learning about access to higher education information in the developing world, the role of teachers and school systems and even health in the chances of student success. There is so much to read on this World Bank blog you might never stop (if you like this kind of thing).

Reach students

Young and Old on Brexit The older generation helped determine that the younger generations would leave the EU and it's a situation they will pay for. Did you know that Google searches of what the EU was spiked in the UK the day after the Brexit vote? Yup. That happened. There is so much more learning to be done about global interconnectedness and the purpose of institutions like the EU. Read more at the Telegraph.

Featured Blog

One Room to the World In Colombia something very special is happening: A model for education that emphasizes democracy and project-based learning and empowers teachers and students to share and think critically. Learn how the world can be changed by a woman, an idea and a one-room school at NPR.

Featured Client

SIT Graduate Institute

SIT Graduate Institute is a nonprofit, accredited graduate school that offers master's degrees, graduate level certificates, and professional development programs. Each year, SIT welcomes students from all over the world—between 25 and 35 percent of SIT Graduate Institute students are international. Learn more here.

Unleesh is the world’s premier international education app and platform, designed with experiential education principles in its DNA. Unleesh was born out of ThinkImpact, which specializes in experiential education programs that catalyze social innovation and entrepreneurship. The platform was created to provide predeparture information and immerse and guide students through an experiential education process while capturing the amazing adventures they were having all over the world. Learn more at

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