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International Education Weekly No. 16

I’m in New Orleans working on designing an education initiative that will transform lives in Liberia with More Than Me. I got here last night and have been pushing through many hours-long sessions of ideation. It’s exhausting and delayed my IEW this week. No excuses though. Future IEWs will arrive on Tuesday. Feedback: Mornings are better. Have friends that might want this update? Send them here.

Make Life Easier

The Ultimate Listicle This is a listicle that will change your life, blow your mind, or just annoy you. There are so many creative ideas for solving daily problems on the cheap that I assure you there is at least one you can benefit from. Actually, make it more like 17. From better sandwich making skills to storing food or packing bags, you won't want to miss this list from Epic Dash.

Reach students

Unreasonable Reach This week my friends at the Unreasonable Institute shared an awesome milestone. Over 300 ventures have been supported this year through a combination of Labs and full Institutes across 31 countries. If that lights your fire and you're an entrepreneur around the world, apply now at Unreasonable Institute.

Professional Development

Design Thinking and Learning in our Jobs Ever feel like your solving the wrong problem? In many organizations the approach to learning and development focuses on internal courses or different platforms. Trade out the color and people will be engaged. Unfortunately, if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. What if you made learning and design an embedded feature of work? Results might look different. Learn more from Harvard Business Review.

Featured Client

TrueSchool Studio

TrueSchool partners with school districts and education organizations to empower frontline educators to design, lead, and launch new learning models. Together, we actualize true or fully realized schools—places of limitless potential for people and learning. Learn more at

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