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International Education Weekly No. 17

Last week I moved to Los Angeles, which meant that I did not share an IEW with you. I'm back online and ready to roll. As you know, the Olympics are in full swing in Rio, and for all the chatter about Brazil's poor preparedness, things seem to be going just fine. It's always inspiring to watch athletes at their peak. Have friends that might want this update? Send them here.

Professional Development

I'm your professor, not your BFF Every relationship requires attention, so it's not surprising that in the social media age the relationship between students and professors might need to be reassessed. A college professor from Georgia State lays out the boundaries and rules for his students in no uncertain terms in the Chronicle for Higher Education. Are his boundaries right?

Reach students

Play for Happiness We all know the things that make us feel good. Running, playing with our kids, a long bike ride. Unfortunately, society has under-weighted the benefits of play for too long, making them seem more like luxuries than critical needs for happiness. This Johns Hopkins Magazine article discusses the neuroscience of fun. Get on board!

Make Life Easier

EdTech in China The big news in tech recently was that Uber's China operation was acquired by a local Chinese company. Competition (and probably the climate) was too difficult for Uber to last. But in the EdTech space in China, there's other big news. VIPKID, an English learning platform just raised a whopping $100 million. The implications for students going abroad from China to study could be enormous. Learn more at The PIE.

Featured Graphic

Olympic Engagement It's the Olympic season so I figured we could use it as catalyzing inspiration for the new school year. Find out what others will do in their classrooms to increase global engagement - something the Olympics has been doing for a very long time.

Featured Client

Porticus is the international organisation that manages and develops the philanthropic programmes of charitable entities established by Brenninkmeijer family entrepreneurs. We collaborate with partners around the globe to foster human dignity, social justice and sustainability. Working within Porticus’ strategic themes of education, society, faith and care, as well as in the field of economic development and climate change, we aim to contribute to systemic social change by combining our thematic expertise with our grassroots networks all over the world. Learn more here.

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