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International Education Weekly No. 18

The work issue. Sometimes everywhere I look people are talking about the same thing... today it was about the future of work and the readiness of students for a rapidly changing job landscape. This question is equally important in the United States as it is in South Sudan. The future of work is something we should all think about more often. This week I head to the UK and Liberia with More Than Me (who is hiring!) to launch MTMU, a training program for teams operating MTM Public Schools in Liberia. Have friends that might want this update? Send them here.

Professional Development

Debt is just the start In our work we should think about keeping students in school as much as we think about pushing them to their intellectual and academic limits. Most universities have a serious retention problem and it costs students forever. Think of the tradeoffs: finish school with more debt and hope for better job prospects or don't finish school with less debt and unclear job prospects. The situation is common and alarming. Learn more at The Washington Post.

Reach students

The resume-aker I've seen some pretty horrifying resumes in my day. Too creative can seem juvenile. Too professional is uninformative. The balance is a tough one to strike for those looking for that dream job. Read this blog at Melibee Global for tips on writing a resume for International Education or check out this awesome graphic of what Marissa Mayer's resume could be. If none of that intrigues you, join the conversation about why LinkedIn should kill the resume all together over at TechCrunch.

Make Life Easier

Youth change the world The clichés arise in any conversation about impact. "It's all about education." "Children are our future.” This piece from Devex’s blog makes that point clearer than ever while highlighting actual things we can do to go from talk to action. And if you are interested in nurturing young people, then you might be a right fit for the role of Chief Academic Officer at More Than Me in Liberia, West Africa. You can apply today at



Every week we provide you a feature on one of our clients. After months, I am sure you are thinking to yourself: What exactly does Unleesh do?

We are so glad you asked. Here is a full demo of the heart of our platform – Paths and Steps - by cofounder and Chief Content and Product Officer, Travis Henry. Enjoy!

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