International Education Weekly No. 20 - Opportunity, Foreign Entrepreneurs, Commutes

This week Unleesh celebrates full implementation of our Salesforce integration. Yes, every Step that users complete on the app is stored in Salesforce. It's just another great reason to use Unleesh! Separately, I head to France for a week of R&R (Rest and Remote working) because there are so many exciting things happening even the South of France can't keep me from my laptop. Have friends that might want this update? Send them here.

Professional Development

Global Opportunity Report Every year a the Global Opportunity Network shares its Global Opportunity Report, analyzing major trends that business and society. This one does not disappoint. By organizing 15 opportunities across 5 major risks the world faces, the group identified Closing the Skills Gap as #3 most pressing risk and #1 for biggest business opportunity. Read the full report here.

Reach students

Financial Plan Abroad Have an apartment? That could be your ticket to a break even travel abroad experience. Simply AirBNB and stay in 3 star hotels or cheaper while you travel. That should cover it. Tips like this are offered in this blog at The Pin the Map Project. Don't just stand there, get outta town on the cheap.

Make Life Easier

Short Commutes Are you more motivated my money or proximity to work? Science has an answer: Proximity to work. Long commutes, it turns out, have very real consequences for your well-being. Issues ranging from obesity to low energy or lost leisure time (which is important, people!) are all a result of this tradeoff for some of you out there. Here's a crazy statistic: 10.8 million people in America commute more than an hour. And another: 600,000 commute over 90 minutes. Learn more at Inc.

Featured Story

Entrepreneurs Ahoy When I went to TEDActive back in 2010, there was a lot of talk about the theme "What the world needs now." The Obama Administration has an answer: access for foreign entrepreneurs to gain visa access to the US. There's always a catch. You get 5 years and you'll need to have raised capital from proven investors, but other than that... Learn more at ReCode.

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urban-gro was founded on the principle of supplying not only the very best in professional cultivation product solutions, but also the knowledge and education required to maximize plant health and economic yield.

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